The C in CMO Stands for Cojones

The Cojones Awards recognize marketers who have disrupted the status quo and who embrace the role of the modern marketer. Nominations from our advisory panel showcase marketing change agents who have shown courage, ingenuity and spirit in delivering remarkable results for their organizations. 




Congrats to our 2016 Winners!

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Inspire: to build authentic brands with a sense of purpose

LIsaMann.jpgLisa Mann
EVP Marketing, KIND
Courage is hearing those voices in your head telling you to say no but saying yes anyways.



Be Bold: to disrupt the status quo and break out of the sea of sameness

JoeyBergstien.jpgJoey Bergstein 

CMO, Seventh Generation
Courage is about taking smart and bold risks. I think anybody can take risks but it's about how you identify the risk to take and then really going for it in a big way. 


Connect: to deliver meaningful, cross-channel customer experiences

Denise_Karkos_Headshot_final-1.jpgDenise Karkos

CMO, TD Ameritrade
Courage is seeking out the broadest environment that you can influence


Innovate: to implement new ways of engaging customers living a digital lifestyle

Barbara_Martin_Coppola.jpgBarbara Martin Coppola
CMO, Grubhub

Courage is thinking big and taking bold actions



TRANSFORM: to build organizational capabilities to become modern marketers 

Douwe_Bergsma_LinkedIn_Headshot-1.jpgDouwe Bergsma
CMO, Georgia-Pacific
Courage is the moral strength to venture forth, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.




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